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Home Energy Analysis

Performing a Home Energy Audit is a crucial step to assessing and improving energy efficiency. With modern diagnostic testing equipment our Building Performance Institute Analyst will conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify opportunities to improve the energy efficiency, comfort and safety of your home.  After completing the testing we will discuss the results with you. We provide you with a scope of work detailing the recommended cost-effective improvements. With your permission we make the improvements to you home and  then test to confirm that the improvements meet our target goals.

Energy Efficiency
We inspect your home inside and out searching for problem areas that are causing air to leak into and from the building. A Blower Door Test is performed to depressurize the building and locate the air infiltration. Air sealing techniques are then applied using the Building Performance Institute, Department of Energy and the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency recommendations. This may include CFL lighting, foam or fiberglass insulation, Energy Star windows, doors and insulated siding. Energy efficiency is our focus, and we deliver energy savings.

Some buildings have design issues that cause comfort problems. For example, an attached garage, cantilevered walls or attic insulation and ventilation. This can lead to upper floors or a room being too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. We can solve these problems with proper diagnosis and improvements.

Safety begins with a combustion and carbon monoxide test. We test your furnace and hot water heater for spillage and back draft under worst case conditions. This is important because carbon monoxide gas could leak from a faulty furnace and be deadly. A Blower Door Test tells us what the proper air flow should be and how to achieve the target air flow. Inspection inside and out to find any water related problems leaking in your home. Extra moisture will lead to unwanted mold, mildew, poor air quality and costly structural damage.

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